Field notes from a beak doctor
Like the plague doctor that is pointing at malaise while wearing his eerie cloak of the inexorable an artist maneuver within the unharnessed forces of a helplessly reigned theater.
The artist is finding situations that are re-apparing, shearing stories in the locker room.
Dahl is having an artistic ethos that aims at paradoxically presenting mannerist attitude paired with mind frame that bounces off from the carnivalesque.

"The Beak Doctor welcome the perceptive attention of poets, playwrights and philosophers, but he does not want his work to be viewed merely as reflecting fashionable polemics about estrangement, irrationality and despair, and he refuses to be held up as the avatar of the topical Post-human Existential mindset in modern sculpture and painting. To him, this is a distraction from what really matter; he wants to make it clear that it is far more important to understand the essential physicality of labour, the fact that it connects with art of the most distant past, and at the same time are deeply embedded in our experience of modern life."

Kristian Øverland Dahl
(b.1968, Asker, Norway) visual artist and associate professor of contemporary art at the Academy of fine Art at KhiO Oslo.
Dahl lives and works in Oslo area and graduated from The Academy of fine Art KhiB, Bergen.
Dahl has exhibited extensively on the local scene and has also exhibited at: TONUS, Paris (Fr); CAC, Vilnius (Lit); Art space Sydney, ICAN, Sydney (Aus); Ringsted Galleriet (Dk); Statens utstilling, Kunsthall Oslo, LNM, GAD, UKS, Oslo (No). Dahl is politically active and holds different positions in artist politics.
Kristian Ø. Dahl have been one of three in (the now disbanded) the artist group D.O.R.